Funklord Music inc is a company that is in pursuit of musical perfection.  We take pride in producing good music for our fans as well as  the general public.  We want the music we put out to touch people in some form or fashion. Longevity is the key, We would like for the music we put out heard 20 years from now, like a classic. We constantly push the envelope to achieve a musical composition that will arouse the interest of the human brain and touch you emotionally.  Funklord Music Inc. currently has 3 artists that are signed to the company. 1st artist is Rob funk, a rapper based out of chicago,Illinois. A season ed veteran in rap music .  The 2nd Artist is Isis Lourdes, A gifted and talented singer like no other with a voice that seems to command attention from all walks of life. She is also the future of F.M.I. and it's BIGGEST SUPERSTAR!!! She is coming into her own and developing into something special as an R&B singer and song writter. 3rd is a persona, an altered ego that goes by the name of New Money. There's a story behind the madness believe me on how Rob Funk came to be his other personality which happen clearly by circustance at an event he attended at a birthday party. We are at the tip of the ice berg and have a lot more ice to cover.

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